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good morning, america. this morning, fatal fall. a firefighter plummets 20 feet to his death at a ball game, live on television, as his young son watches in horror. crash of the titan. inside the massive tabloid scandal that brought one of the biggest newspapers down in just 24 hours. rupert murdoch under huge pressure as the outrage grows. and the extraordinary spirit of survival. jaycee dugard breaks her silence about her 18-year ordeal. how she found hope in the middle of her kidnapping hell. >> you just do what you have to do to survive. >> diane sawyer, here with her emotional and exclusive interview. and princess in prison? she's been a royal only for a week. why does she look like her unhappy highness?
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inside the misery of princess charlene. and good morning, everyone. happy friday. and what a crazy scene in great britain. >> oh, my goodness. >> oldest newspaper in the country closed. the former editor, just moments ago arrested. this guy was an aide to the british prime minister and had to address this. other arrests coming for people in the media empire of rupert murdoch, the owner of fox news. >> and this is all because there are allegations the newspapepe was hacking into cell phones and e-mail accounts of people. and not just celebrities and famous people but victims of murder. >> war widows from afghanistan and iraq. an incredible story. >> incredible to watch as it unfolds. we're also going to have more of diane sawyer's amazing
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interview of jaycee dugard. what a remarkable and resilient young woman she is. and you're going to see more and hear from her. >> the strength and serenity she displays in that interview is just incredible. also, more on casey anthony. we now learned her sentence e w extended by four more days. she's not going to get out until next sunday. we're going to have the latest on that. and also, we'll have the latest on these emergency negotiations in washington to try to prevent the united states going into default. the president actually called the congressional leaders into a rare session on sunday afternoon. and the changes they're talking about could affect every single american. >> in dramatic ways. first with josh elliott with more on the top stories including this horrible story in the ballpark in texas. george and i were watching the videotape. it is just terrible to see. >> it is horrifyinin good morning to all of you. we do begin with that ballpark trtredy. it seems we've seen it too many times to count. fans leaping from their seats. leaning over railings, in desperate pursuit of a foul ball, the most american of souvenirs. this time, one fan went too far. and for it, he paid the ultimate
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price. we want to warn you, some may be very hard to watch. it was the second inning. it looked like just another foul ball. but seconds later, the fans' reaction told a different story. >> i'd rather have that -- >> reporter: on the replay, we see what horrified the crowd. a man attending the game, with his young son next to him, falls some 20 feet to the ground. rangers center fielder josh hamilton had tossed the ball into the stands. and the fan, a local firefighter, appears to catch it before tumbling over the rail head-first. landing behind a 14-foot wall that holds the stadium's video screen. one man standing next to him in the stands saw the shocking scene play out. >> the gentleman reached out to grab it and lost his balance. went over the rail. i reached out to grab him. and he went straight down head-first.
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>> reporter: after plummeting to the concrete, shannon stone, an area firefighter, was taken from the stadium on a stretcher. con shue. alert enough to ask emts to check on his son. less than an hour later stone was dead. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. >> reporter: players and fans shaken, in disbelief after hearing of stone's death. even the former president, george w. bush, and his wife, laura, seen here during the national anthem, were in the stands. the incident, eerily similar to an incident a year ago, in the same stadium, when a man fell 30 feet from an upper deck who tried to catch a foul ball. shannon stone was not so lucky as him. again, our thoughts and prayers with the stone family today. this is the second fatal fall this year in the major leagues. in may, a man was killed during a colorado game back in may. now, we turn to the other
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big story today. the dismal numbers out on the economy. specifically, the jobs market. our bianna golodryga is here with the shockingly not so good news. >> very disappointing news, josh. a di mall report. just 18,000 new jobs were added in june. that's the smallest gain in nine months. economists had expected anywhere from 90,000 and 150,000 jobs to have been added. and more bad news, the unemployment rate ticked up to 9.2%. unfurther from the may high of 9.1%. now, that had been written off as a one-time slowdown. a tribute to the natural disaster in japan and high oil this mornrng's report questions whether that recovery has stalled. if that's not bad enough, the revisions to may's numbers have been out, as well. >> the president will be speaking about this report a bit later today from the white house. bianna golodryga, thanks very much. and hackers have exposed a
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security flaw in the software that runs the iphone, ipad and ipod touch devices. you're especially vulnerable when you open pdf files when hackers can view your confidential information or intercept phone calls. apple is said to be working on the fix. that is a look at headlines. six past the hour. elizabeth and george, back to you. >> all right, josh. thanks so much. now, we turn to the huge scandal shaking britain this morning. the prime minister admitting that politicians and the press have become too cozy and promising a massive investigation, as the turmoil that brought down one of the nation's oldest newspapers there are leading to arrests, happening right now. abc's jeffrey kofman has the latest. jeffrey, this continues to unfold at a massive rate. >> r rorter: it sure does, elizabeth. this really is an earthquake here. take a look at the morning papers. "the daily telegraph." good-bye cruel world. rupert murdoch owns a bunch of
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papers here. "the times," "the sun." "hacked to death." this has rocked his media empire to the core. today, the first casualty arising from the scandal, andy coulson, arrested. he was editor of "news of the world" while reporters broke the law. incredibly, he then became chief spokesman for britain's prime minister. he, too, now tarnished by this scandal. >> is it time you say you not only take responsibility? but that you screwed up? >> i made a decision to employ andy coulson. he had resigned from "news of the world." he said at the time he didn't know what was happening on his watch. he should have known what was happening on his watch. he paid the price. he resigned. >> reporter: while 200 journalists will lose their job, when the paper folds this weekend, not rebecca brooks, even though she was the other editor during the era of dirty tricks. >> it was reported she offered her resignatatn. and in this situation i would have taken it. >> reporter: her outspoken boss, rupert murdoch, who is in idaho this week, is standing by her. do you walk thisisast all the
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time? >> i do when i'm running away from you guys. >> reporter: but murdoch can't run away from the reality that his global empire has been exposed to things so deep, so shocking, despite its 168-year history, he is shutting it down for good. >> it is clear that "news of the world" as owned and managed by rupert murdoch was a criminal organization. >> reporter: the sunday tabloid was hated by celebrities, politicians, even the royals for its relentless pursuit of sensational stories. remember the duchess of york caught trying to sell access to prince andrew? david beckham's secret affair? stories that made it hugely popular with readers and hugely profitable for murdoch. that changed this week with revelations that the paper hacked the voice mails of 4,000 people. not just celebrities but the families of a murdered teen, terrorist victims and british soldiers who died abroad.
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paul mcmullan is a former reporter and editor at the paper. >> you have to get the story at all costs. what would you stop -- would you stop at doing anything to get a ststy? you would go and do anything. >> reporter: even breaking the law? >> absolutely. >> reporter: there are even allegations that reporters at "the news of the woror" bribed police to get scoops. by swiftly killing the paper, murdoch may hope the scandal will go away. that's not likely. the indignation here is enormous. there are already criminal investigations under way. public inquiries to follow. and, elizabeth, we can expect more casualties. >> all right. jeffrey kofman, thanks so much. shocking to hear that reporter say, absolutely, we'll break the law to get the story. >> they hacked 4,000 people. okay. >> my goodness. we turn to the high-stakes showdown in washington over reducing our deficit and raising america's debt limit before our national line of credit expires in the next few weeks. at a white house summit yesterday, congressional leaders and the president agreed to
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try to hammer out a deal before another emergency meeting sunday afternoon. >> everybody acknowledged that we have to get this done before the hard deadline of august 2nd, to make sure that america does not default for the first time on its obligations. and evererody acknowledged that there's going to be pain involved politically on all sides. >> the question now, are the members of congress on both sides ready to take those painful votes? and what kind of pain will that mean for all of you? we're going to bring in our white house correspondent, jake tapper. jake, what they're talking about is trying to come up with a deal that would reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over the next ten years. that means major changes in spending and taxes. >> reporter: that's right, george. both president obama and house speaker john boehner are pushing for this larger, $4 trillion deficit reduction package. that means republicans are pushing for some reductions in entitlement spending. meaning, medicaid and medicare and social security. payments for recipients of those
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programs would likely be cut, especially for the wealthier recipients of medicare and social security. and then, democrats are pushing for some tax increases and closing of tax loopholes, including the end of oil and gas company subsidies, the end of some business tax breaks and capping the deductible for wealthier americans. on the whole, this would be about $4 trillion in deficit reduction over a decade or so. >> if it passes. but coming out of the meeting, speaker boehner says there's only about a 50/0/ chance. and lots of indications that the troops in congress aren't ready to follow. >> reporter: there's something in this package for everyone to hate. this is the difficulty of doing a bill like this where you're trying to reach the middle. they know that they're going to lose liberals because of the entitlement cuts. and they know they're going to lose tea party conservatives because of the tax increases. so, they are trying to get the middle. that's what makes this so difficult because the balance of that is nearly impossible. >> jake, quickly, only a few seconds left.
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if they can't get that big deal they might try for a smaller one. what happens on august 2nd if there is no agreement? >> reporter: well, the u.s. runs out of money. some treasury department officials are looking at ways to roll over some of the debt. but this is really just managing a sinking ship, more than anything. for instance, on august 4th, $87 billion in debt comes due. and there needs to be a new debt to take its place. george? >> jake, thanks very much. turning now to casey anthony. she'll have to wait a little bit longer before she gets out of jail. her release date was recalculated overnight, adding an additional four days. and with time already served, a week from sunday will now be her last day behind bars. abc's ashleigh banfield is in orlando with the latest. how did they come up with this recalculated release date? >> reporter: just different math. and honestly, this is such a frenzy yesterday, it's assumed they did this so quickly. once orange county jail officials went back over the nunuers, they realized it wasn't right. it was more clerical as we
7:13 am
understand than anything else. but it means she's getting out a little later than she thought. >> she will get out with a lot of hostility. will security be tight at the jail? we hear death threats have increased against everybody, including the judge. >> reporter: they've done incredible beefing up of security at that jail. the protesters you saw outside the courthouse were mentioned inside the courtroom. as judge perry said somebody threatened to fillet a juror and feed their pieces to the piranhas. so, there's been a lot of worry. the judge said he's having trouble crossing the street to go to lunch. >> that's incredible. and finally, we heard therapists have been calling casey anthony's lawyers offering their services. we heard the alternate juror say she will need professional help once she gets out. she might get it? >> reporter: that's what chaney mason said. he said, you would be surprised how many called up and offered these services for free. so, we don't know if she'll avail herself of that. that's a surprising new detail. that july 17th release date is
7:14 am
very prophetic. it's just two days after this entire story began three years ago, when we first learned that little girl was gone. >> ashleigh banfield in orlando, thanks so much. we're going to switch gears now because for american royal watchers, the wait is almost over. after nine days of charming canada will and kate arrive in the states today for a weekend of stars and parties in hollywood. abc's bob woodruff is one step ahead of the royal couple, in los angeles, where the newlyweds will land in just a few hours. >> reporter: the world's most famous newlyweds today are wrapping up their coast-to-coast tour of canada. >> in 1939 my great grandmother, queen elizabeth, the queen mother, said of her first tour of canada with her husband, king george vi, canada made us. catherine and i now know very well what she meant. >> reporter: last night, the couple got a taste of cowboy culture. at each stop, adoring crowds in the thousands and an intense
7:15 am
focus on the duchess and her outfits. next stop, los angeles, where the attention is expected to intensify. >> l.a. is more used to big hollywood stars than anywhere else. but these are stars of such a different nature. this is a real-life and prince and princess. >> reporter: the neighborhood around the british consulate where the couple will stay will be sealed off. homeowners here signed agreements that they wouldn't allow paparazzi on their property to try to sneak some photos. one neighbor put up a screen. >> nobody will be trying anything out of the ordinary. there will be no hiding in bushes. there's going to be no climbing of trees. there's going to be no paying off a neighbor to try out their windows. >> reporter: while in tinseltown they will hobnob with some of the biggest names in hollywood, including j. lo, tom hanks, josh brolin and more. >> they're royalty in the u.k. they're coming over here. and sort of like royalty to us, as well. we look at them as our a-list stars, even greater than that. we don't have our own royalty here.
7:16 am
who can you think of as royal in the u.s.? paris hilton? >> reporter: the most anticipated british invasion in years. >> i suspect they'll outshine every other star there just because it is a magical fairy tale. people in l.a. are hugely excited. >> reporter: now, this is going to be a very, very intense trip over the next three days. probably not a lot of sleep, like they did in canada. william's been here before. but kate has never been here before. in terms of security, it'll be handled by the los angeles police department and the state department, which they're going to be expecting a lot of big groups. and they've actually told us that this seems almost like the president of the united states is coming here. and it's getting very, very close to that even, george. >> wow. a fun weekend. bob, thanks so much. sam is having fun in central park this morning. >> because it's friday concert time. george, elizabeth, good morning, everybody. let's get to the boards. we've got some pictures out of titusville, florida, close to cape canaveral. why we're showing them. this is from yesterday.
7:17 am
very heavy rain. when these storms hit they've been delivering 1 to 3 inches of heavy rain. and look at this flooding that happened immediately in that range. so, here's the graphic. there's a lot of discussion about a shuttle launch. and if you can't launch, these are the conditions. thunderstorms within 20 nautical miles. lightning within ten. winds in excess of 39 miles an hour. a quick look at the boards. shows you we have thunderstorms and thunder showers in a lot of locations around the country today. so, stay up with your local abc stations.
7:18 am
we're live in a steamy times square -- actually, we're in central park. and we'll have more in the next half hour. george? elizabeth? >> all right, sam. thanks so much. now, to that theft that mystified police. the picasso drawing stolen in broad dadaight by a man who simply hailed a cab. abc's neal karlinsky has more.
7:19 am
>> reporter: in "the thomas crowne affair," pierce brosnan plays a dashing art thief with a perfect plan. sometimes reality is a little less exciting. police in san francisco say their art thief is 30-year-old mark lugo. not exactly thomas crowne. but a guy from new jersey who just had flown in. >> in san francisco we'll solve the crimes and recover property. and the bad guys will go to jail. >> reporter: according to police, he went after the picasso pencil sketch valued at $275,000 by simply walking in to san francisco's weinstein gallery and lifting it off the wall in front of everyone. the getaway wasn't any better. surveillance cameras captured the suspect carrying the picasso down the sidewalk in plain view. not to a waiting getaway car. but to hail a cab. >> it was at 11:40 the call was made. this is at 11:35 or something. the girl from the gallery is in the video right after him. ten seconds later, looking
7:20 am
around for him. >> reporter: police say that footage and the cab driver helped them zero in on lugo. the picasso wasn't damaged. but it was out of its frame. there was a fedex box nearby. and police suspect he may have been trying to ship it somewhere. they found him in the same ralph lauren sunglasses as the man in the footage. lugo is now in jail with a picasso-sized bail of $5 million. >> i want it to be available to the public. we just need to do a better job in the future to make sure our security is in place. >> reporter: a motive is unknown. but the gallery might want to consider more than just a hook on the wall for security next time. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> how about an alarm that goes off? >> that would work. coming up, the extraordinary story of jaycee dugard. how she found hope in the middle of her nightmare and the strength to survive. diane sawyer with that exclusive conversation. and trapped in a royal cage. why does the royal's newest princess seem so miserable? bouncing back after baby.
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building next to watsonville community hospital. two people inside the plane were killed. the plane is registered out of santa cruz. let's see how the fry morning commute is going. >> it was friday light and now we've an accident on bay bridge, and major train delay, 518 has been cancelled. 520 is 30 minutes late and 529 will operate into san jose this hour. there is the recent update. there is bay bridge back-up. everything is going well. we'll check in with mike and
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welcome back. here is a look at some of the haze hanging around the east bay hills and lack of fog. the cooling trend is going to wait until the weekend for your neighborhoods. you are in the low 60s along with san jose and fairfield. everybody else in the 50s. let's take a look, mid 90s in the east bay valleys. mid-80s in the south bay and upper 50s to low 70s around the bay shore. >> mike, thanks a lot.
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when you open you eyes in the morning every day now, what's the first experience? >> wow, wow, i can walk in the next room and see my mom. wow, i could decide to jump in the car and go to the beach with the girls. wow. unbelievable. >> the simple things give jaycee dugard so much to savor right now. 31 years old but spent 18 years in captivity taken when he was 11 years old and has this gripping interview with diane sawyer and she really revery what is gave her hope in the middle of this nightmare, and, boy, what a strong woman she is. >> you have to wonder and imagine that probably those wows
7:31 am
will continue probably every morning of her life because 18 years s such an astonishingly long time to spend captive in the backyard of a madman. >> way more than half her life. good morning, america. i'i' george stephanopoulos with elizabeth vargas. >> william and kate are on their california after a whirlwind tour in canada and kate has been wowing everybody with her fashion choices. so coming up, we'll take a look at what's sbeen worn by her. >> miranda lambert, a big summer concert coming up. we begin with that stunning interview. diane sawyer's exclusive interview with jaycee dugard kidnapped at just 11 years old held captive for 18 years and tells her story in "a stolen life." i spoke with diane yesterday. >> you know, what seems most amazing to us, so much of it is, but the fact that she gave birth to two girls.
7:32 am
>> right. >> during that time in captivity. knowing nothing about it. >> nothing about it. she was 11 when she was taken. she was 13 when she got pregnant, 14 when she gave birth in the backyard and she had been locked, bolted in all day in labor when they finally came home, the garridos and here is the moment where she sees that baby for the first time. so august 18th, 1994 you're how old? >> 14. >> you're in labor and there's nobody there. >> no. >> you're locked up. >> yeah, i was still, yeah, locked at that time. just scared. >> having a baby in a backyard. >> yep. i did. very painful.
7:33 am
then i saw her. she was beautiful. i felt like i wasn't alone anymore. i had somebody to live mine. i wasn't alone. then i knew i could never let anytything happen to her. i didn't know how i was going to do that but i did. >> she is so moving and so many ways. she really does in her book tell astonishing and unsparing detail about what she went through. >> you say she has unflinching clarity. does not forget. >> she does not forget.
7:34 am
she always wanted to be a writer as a little girl. she loved words, loved stories and something about her eye retained everything she saw and of the simple question of how you survive what he did to her, wewe, here what she said. how did you survive? >> there's a switch that i had to shut off. >> i'm trying to imagine how you are coping. i'm trying to imagine. >> i don't know. you know, i mean, i can't imagine being beaten to death, you know. but you can't imagine being kidnapped and raped, you know, so it's just -- you just do what you have to to survive. >> and then as you know, george, there is one other person in this story who also had to keep up hope for 18 year, her mom. and her mom talks about so many things, one of her great
7:35 am
heartbreaks is jaycee wanted to kiss her good-bye in the morning, wanted kiss good-bye but she was for work before dawn and didn't do it that day. >> she asked me the night before to come in and say good-bye to her. >> you remember it. >> oh. yeah. i chose not to go in and kiss pie girlsood-bye that morning, i wanted to be on time, and for 18 years i kick myself for not kissing my baby good-bye. >> how could you have known, though? you can't beat yourself up about that. no, but it's a good lesson, you know, take a minute for your kids. do that. extra thing.
7:36 am
maybe it's an annoyance to you but it's important to them. >> and there is wrenching, wrenching love and heartbreak from her mom. >> cannot wait to see it sunday night, diane, thanks. >> thanks and thanks for having me. our special 9:00 sunday night. it'll be amazing. very sad story. >> a high school relationship gone wrong ending in the murder of young lauren and events that rocked a small town. and linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: they were high school with promising futures cut short by a grisly murder. >> the cause of death is a combination of strangulation by ligature and an incise wound to the neck using a sharp object. >> reporter: lauren astley went missing and she was nervous
7:37 am
about meeting up with nate fujita. shortly after that her abandoned car was discovered then a passer-by found her body in a marsh. she had been strangled by a bungee cord. her relationship with him spiraled out of control. they found blood near a bungee cord in his house and additional evidence in the crawl space of his bedroom. >> in that crawl space was found a pair of sneakers consistent with his foot covered in blood. >> reporter: the 18-year-old star football player was ordered held without bail after pleading guilty. the families were close. it shows lauren interviews nate's dad for a school project. >> we both have lost two people. >> reporter: lauren and nate both graduated in the spring about to head off to college. >> with a child, half of the joy is watching what they're going
7:38 am
to become and anticipating and then watch them choose and i will miss that. >> reporter: a memorial for lauren, his only child is scheduled for next week. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. tragic story. now, let's shift gears and head out to central park and sam champion with the weather. hey, sam. >> hey, good morning, elizabeth. now, i got to prepare you. when you come out to the park for our friday concert series it's a little sticky and humid. one or two things going on we want to talk about. as you head out your door -- did we say friday -- it's the upon soon season in the southwest. all this comes up from the pacific and across the gulf. if you get thunderstorms it's this time of year. they will all get boomers, salt lake city and other places. that's only where the pacific northwest will be in the 60s and 70s. about the
7:39 am
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now is the fight against obesity really working? despite years of anti-obesity campaigning in the nation and billions spent, a new report says america is only getting fatter. right now our thinnest state has an obesity rate so high in 1995 it would have qualified as our fattest state. what has gone so wrong? andrea canning has more. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. well, you can certainly chalk it up to big portions and a lot of couch potatoes. mississippi takes the dubious honor of being the heaviest state followed by alabama, west virginia and tennessee which weren't too far behind. these record numbers are really hitting across the c cntry. supersized, extra, all you can
7:44 am
eat, now haunting words where bad eating habits and lack of exercise have gobbled up the entire country. two new studies show every state but one, colorado, now have obesity rates over 20%. a dozentates mostly in the south have even topped 30%. i mean, those numbers are astounding. >> that's huge. it's a huge signal. >> reporter: why the steady rise in weight gain with the most concerted effort in history to battle the bulger from an avalanche of tv shows like "the biggest loser." >> lift, lift! >> reporter: "food revolution" and "the extreme america." michelle obama's keep moving campaign. companies are even offering bonuses for weight loss and some schools have taken soda out of the vending machihis and cities and states desperate to curb their appetite say calories
7:45 am
should be on menus. 1,060 calories for the best/leg breast meal enough to care you or the baconator that is over 2,000 calories. one study shows that posting calories isn't having any impact. >> we are trained to look at food in a whole different way. if you put larger meals in front of children we will think about larger meals. small meals won't look right. >> reporter: there was one ray of hope in the obesity study, last year 28 straight as reported increases. in this year, just 16, a little bit of good news but a report card we all probably agree is an "f." >> thank you so much. coming up next, yes, we can hear you now but perhaps nobody wants to. what happens when your cell phone rings at exactly the wrong time like during your own tennis
7:46 am
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7:49 am
♪ "around the watercooler" don't you hate it when your cell phone rings at exactly the wrong moment? it happened during match point thursday at the swedish open and you're not going to believe who was actually t t blame. it got us and abc's ryan owens thinking about a breach of
7:50 am
etiquette growing so common it's become a sign of our times. >> reporter: it's match point for the number one women's player in the world. >> looking around the crowd and, in fact, it's the phone of aliza cor cornet. >> everyone is looking around. >> the match must go on. >> you want to get there? >> ask broadway veteran hugh jackman. >> you want to g g it? doesn't matter. come on. just turn it off. >> reporter: he kept his cool as you see in, yes, this cell phone video obtained by tmz. >> reporter: which is more than student just had to take that se call.
7:51 am
>> give me the phone. >> reporter: or the former white house press secretary. >> wow. >> you too? >> reporter: tina brown looked like she wanted to throw her on -- >> segments of the military -- >> the truth is cell phones have almost become part of the constant chatter of cable news. >> it's a cell phone violation, dan. >> reporter: at least dan rather turned his off. barney frank just keeps talking. >> you step in long before aig -- >> reporter: it appears neither he nor his cell phone has a mute button. for abc news, ryan owens, dallas. >> i got to go, bye. >> why do you need the phone on you when you're doing -- >> i know. my mom's went off in church.
7:52 am
she's in the front row. are you serious? >> i'll never win. coming up. miranda lambert, out in central park. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it. took some wild risks when i was young. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop.
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2,000 low income school children in san jose will get a head start on the school year. parents are getting in line at sacred hearts on fourth street to register for free backpacks filled with school supplies. they sponsor the event and spokesman says it's more needed than ever with the san jose school district planning cuts of $350 per child for the upcoming school year. a little cooler tonight. >> still in the 50s in most
7:57 am
areas, destination, mid-80s, noise upper 80s in the north bay valleys. still warm in the east bay valleys, 69 in san francisco. cooling trend still slated for this weekend. >> tough commute across the bay bridge has gone from okay to not so. this is the maze, accident westbound on the upper deck right at treasure island off-ramp. traffic is backed as you can see to the west grand overcrossing coming into the city. thanks a lot. news continues right now with "good morning americicicicicicic
7:58 am
7:59 am
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♪ what a happy crowd out here in central park with miranda lambert. happy friday. so great to have her this morning. going to play one of her biggest hits. has a new band called the pistol annies. >> and her song "hell on heels." i love the title of that song. it's great. isn't it? >> never have time. coming up in this half hour, we have kate mania. she is a one-woman fashion machine. dresses she wears sell out in
8:01 am
minutes. a look at that. so beautiful. we'll take a look at what she wore and wowed the crowds with in canada. and how you can get those exact same looks for a heck of a lot less. >> the look for less, i love that. >> exactly. plus, this is something you and i can relate to. we both had kids. how far would you mommies go to get your prebaby body back? >> i'm still looking for it. >> it's a conundrum, and one woman really took it to a new level. she went for the extreme mommy makeover. it's the latest trend in plastic surgery. but is it going too far? we take a look at that coming up. >> but first let's go back to josh in the studio with news headlines. >> thank you, george. we begin this morning with discouraging news about the economy. the government's monthly jobs report, out this morning, shows that employers added only 18,000 jobs nationwide last month. far fewer than expected. and the unemployment report rose slightly, to 9.2% in june. businesses added the fewest jobs in more than a year.
8:02 am
meanwhile, a tragedy at the texas rangers game yesterday. a fan here, with his son standing by, fell 20 feet to the concrete below while trying to catch a foul ball that a player tossed to him in the stands. he was alert when he was removed from the stadium on a stretcher but died about an hour later. it's now the second fatal fall at a major league park this year. and space shuttle "atlantis" was fully fueled and ready to lift off on its historic mission today. the 135th and final flight of the space shuttle program. but the question was, would the weather cooperate? matt gutman is at cape canaveral with the very latest. good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: hey, josh. we're just 30 minutes away from history. and it seems like the weather is complying. we've seen a couple of sneak peeks of the sun after 24 hours of nearly torrential rain here. first, nasa gave the launch only a 30% chance of go. that seems to be improving.
8:03 am
it was so bad at one point, that lightning struck very near the shuttle. now, no damage was done. everything was okay. the astronauts are now in the hatch. everytytng is closed. they're sitting on 3 1/2 million pounds of rocket fuel, ready to go, as are nearly 1 million people, watching from the roads, from beaches. they're packed in. they're cheek to jowl, old and young, all hopinin to catch a glimpse of history that will last them a lifetime. the mission is a 12-day mission to go up to the space station, take much-needed supplies and come back down with garbage. it's taken nasa 30 years to get to this point. there will be a lot of tears shed here when this is all over. and all of us are hoping it goes by safely. josh? >> matt gutman at cape canaveral. meanwhile, a former editor of london's tabloid newspaper "news of the world" who also served as a top aide to the british prime minister is under arrest facing criminal charges connected to the phone hacking and pay-off scandal that has
8:04 am
forced owner rupert murdoch to shut down the 168-year-old tabloid for good. staffers are accused, among other things, of hacking into the phones of celebrities, murder victims and aides to the royal family, as well as bribing police for information. we learned overnight that casey anthony will have to stay in jail a few more days than expected. her release date is now july 17th, a week from sunday. the date was confirmed by corrections officials, who calculated her time served and credit for good behavior. anthony was acquitted for the murder of her daughter but is serving time for lying to police. and the casey anthony trial has prompted thousands of people to sign petitions, calling for laws that would require parents to immediately report the death or disappearance of a child. lawmakers in pennsylvania and new jersey are among those already considering a variety of such bills. and now, here's our diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> so, good friday again, josh.
8:05 am
great to see you at "gma." and tonight, it's one of the rarest diseases on earth. but it doesn't stop a boy from chasing his dream. would not stop him from living his passion. you have to see him. why we call him our "person of the week." what a story tonight on "world news." happy friday. >> and to you, as well, didie. that is a look at the headlines at five past the hour. let's hope the weather is cooperating just north of here up in central park, where miranda lambert is set to rock the stage. back to you, george and elizabeth and sam. >> so far so good. the full report in a minute. but first lara has moved over there. we want to go to her for the pop news heat index. >> all right. let's get right to it and talk about everything that's hot and cool in our pop news heat index. speaking of hot, jake gyllenhaal, he must have gotten quite an adrenaline rush when he did that movie "the prince of persia" because he's taking it to a whole new level. jake is going to be on the
8:06 am
season premiere of "man versus wild." and he is risking his life for that premiere. no safety net. no green screen. just jake, inches his way on a thin rope above an abyss between two mountains in iceland. oh, and while he was there he decided to walk through a freezing, blinding whiteout, as well. good times, jake. good times. will he live to be in another movie? you'll have to wait and see on "man versus wild," july 11th on the discovery channel. kind of sizzling, isn't he? the sound effect for him. you know you love the bacon, sam. >> love the bacon. let's move on to our next story. is it a good sign for the state of marriage when even the founder of e-harmony is saying don't get married? that's disturbing. and he says the reason is because of the stats. too many marriages are ending badly these days. he said 70% of adults, though, under 30 still do want to get married. but as a culture, we're just not
8:07 am
good at making the right partner. i wonder if he's saying we would be better if we went to, say, e-harmony. what do you think? it's a good story, though. right? you got to give him credit for marketing. next up, we want to switch gears and be prepared to be inspired by this story. we love this young man. 21-year-old college student adam starr has been training in gymnastics for 11 years. he lost his leg to cancer two years ago. and there he is back at practice for the first time. pulling off a standing back flip. among other tricks, he says it felt to be able to do something he hasn't done in so long. and more great news, he is in remission and says he will continue to do those acrobatic moves. so, we love that. three cheers for adam. and finally, there's a reason people do the traditional wedding march. it works. it's safe. not this couple.
8:08 am
they decided to be unique. and they wanted to zipline into their wedding and there she is. first of all, close your legs. second of all, there he is. he was a little fast. >> oh. >> yeah, very romantic way to start your life together. we wish them all the best. i can only imagine what the conversation was before the reception. can we get a car crash sound effect? that video is all over youtube. and what we do know, everybody is okay. we always check before we show you. that's it for what's happening in the pop news heat index. >> oh, my gosh. >> i think she did a flip. >> yeah, i think so. i was impressed with that gymnast. you know how hard it is to do a standing back flip? but with one leg? >> can you do a backflip? >> i useseto be able to do. i was a gymnast way back went. >> we're almost set up for the backflip. >> oh, stop right now. >> yeah. but what i learned from lara's whole thing was that your marriage will last longer if you don't zipline into it. >> no, they'll be happily ever happy. let's get to the boards.
8:09 am
one or two things we want to talk about. as you look outside your doors, did somebody say happy friday? someone should have. chicagoland, you're getting back into the warmer temperatures and sunday, 91. oklahoma city goes to 102, 101. and heat stays in dallas. we will crack that ten days in a row where you have been at or above 100 degrees. we've got tropical moisture. it's not a system. it is tropical moisture that wants to stay. and this weekend is stormy from raleigh to orlando and, yep, even miami. i'll see you in a couple of hours. but there will be storms down there. across the nation, pockets of scatters storms. we have so much moisture and heat working together. if you're in the r
8:10 am
come right on back to the tv set. we've got a lot in central park this morning including not only our concert, miranda lambert, but a mommy makeover. we'll be right back. getting grime from deep inside grout takes the right tools,
8:11 am
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vo:...and so is the bacon... cheddar ranch tendercrisp at burger king. crispy bacon, rich cheddar cheese and creamy ranch dressing. not even the end of the world will make you put it down. get it before it's gone. and see "transformers: dark of the moon" now in theaters. year back with that other royal couple making headlines. prince albert of monaco and his wife. has the story from ♪ >> reporter: her serene highness princess charlene of monaco. she looks more like her miserable highness. she cried at her wedding. tears of joy, i don't think so.
8:15 am
>> give her a kiss. >> when he goes to kiss her on her wedding day, she recoils in some way. >> apparently albert is facing yet another paternity test, one, maybe two little kids and they say charlene tried to leave three times before the wedding stopped at the airport with a one-way ticket home to south africa and persuaded to stay. >> you are a wonderful, sometimes patient woman with me. >> reporter: when they got her into the catholic church and got her married, they really trapped her so far as the catholic church is concerned and it would be very difficult for her now to get a divorce. ♪ >> reporter: albert already has two other grudgingly acknknledged love children but he needs a legitimate heir to charlene. is she the l lest victim of a
8:16 am
700-year-old curse placed on one of albert's blood thirsty ancestors. >> the monks placed a curse on the family saying they will always have trouble producing legitimate heirs and there will be other tragedies and look what's happened. ♪ >> reporter: princess grace endured her husband's philandering and died in a car crash. princess caroline saw the father of her children killed in a speedboat accident and now this, the couple are still denying everything but look att charlen. is that a carefree princess in love? now, charlene's mood looks even worse when you see the other royal newlyweds, william and kate frolicking on their tour of north america so obviously in love, meanwhile, albert and charlene are in south africa on honeymoon where albert is trying to convince his new bride just to stick with him.
8:17 am
george? >> let's hope it works. okay, nick, thanks very much. but now let's move over to lara. >> hey, george, every mom knows after you have a baby it is not easy to get back in shape. even when you are in great shape to start with. after exercising and dieting, a lot are turning to plastic surgery so we decided to follow one woman with her extreme mommy makeover. ♪ >> crunches. >> reporter: like so many women, lauren bays is battling the baby weight and gets up at dawn to squeeze in a workout. an impressive five days a week. after an hour of exercising she gets her three girls ready for their day. while working full time, lauren does her best to eat right too. >> it's usually a salad of some kind. >> reporter: after her girls were born all by c-section she noticed that her body was not exactly bouncing back to its prebaby days. even though she felt she was doing all the right things.
8:18 am
>> definitely not where i wanted to be and it just seemed like it was harter to get back to where i was. >> reporter: she's referring to this body, the picture from almost eight years ago, the last time she was comfortable revealing her belly in a cute bikini but workouts were not changing her midsection which she felt was lumpy and after breast-feeding three children she felt she had sagging breasts. >> everybody has their own insecures but not to the point where he don't want your picture taken with your kids because you feel gross. >> reporter: she decided it was time for a more drastic remedy. she opted for a new trend in plastic surgery known as the mommy makeover. dr. diane alexander is her surgeon. >> this is an extremely common procedure. i would say it's the number one thing we do. >> reporter: women across the country are getting plastic surgery to erase the marks of
8:19 am
childbearing and comes at quite a cost. at least four hours in the operating room. a minimum week of postop bed rest and an average $16,000 price tag. and there could be an emotional price 0 pay, as well. i spoke to dr. robin silverman who specializes in body i ige issues. what kind of message does a woman who gets this mommy makeover send not only to her daughters but also to her sons? >> we can't blame mothers for wanting to recapture the body they once had because society continually tells them that they need to do that in order to be beautiful. but at the same point, we need to be accountable for the messages that we send them to our daughters that say, we need to change our bodies back to the way they looked once and to our sons who say, this is what is expected of women. >> reporter: for more in the mommy makeover is an investment in her happiness. >> i am relatively young. i have a lot of good years left, you know, so hopefully i think
8:20 am
it is worth it. >> reporter: she invited our cameras to follow her. >> we want to fill in some of this area here that has been deflated. even if you lost a little bit more weight, you would still have, you know, this extra skin here and we'll do a little contouring of the arms here. what we wantnto see is a little more definition. >> reporter: before heading into the operating room she made the preliminary markings on her body that would forever change her gure including the creation of a new belly button. >> i just want to see my clothes fit after this. i hope everything is falling off me and i have to go shopping. >> reporter: during the weeks that followed the procedure lauren kept this video diary for us. >> pain really just a little sore in the chest. friday, surgery was on tuesday, so everything is kind of swollen.
8:21 am
feels like i have boobs to my neck. so today is my f fst day back to work. >> my god. look at you. >> oh, you look incredible. >> i've never had a flat stomach. >> looking at her before the surgery and now seeing it after, the difference is dramatic. despite experts' concerns this could send a negative message to children, lauren has no regrets. >> i just feel so much better about myself. i didn't realize how much effort went into trying to camouflage that part that i didn't like. it's just so nice to have little outfits back, you know. >> and we wish lauren the best but t u do not need to go to extremes to get back that body after baby. we've asked the experts because we want to help you guys do it and we've created a list for you. seven ways to help get that prebaby body back. go to and now we go to elizabeth. >> all right, lara, thanks so
8:22 am
much. well, will and kate are wrapping up their whirlwind tour of canada. boy, has it been a success for the two of them from dazzling in dresses to dress down in jeans kate has shown off her flawless sense of style. we'll show you how to get some of her greatest looks for less, but first abc's bianna golodryga gives us the highlights of kate's fashion trip. >> reporter: casual, elegant, sporty and that r r topper, fascinator fabulous. >> all: we want kate. >> reporter: william's favorite fashionista wowed the crowd in canada this week. casual comebacks like this dotted ethan number we first saw in april along with stunners like the lace and purple dresses sealed her fate as a fashion icon. >> she really knows how to dress and how to wow you. she puts the outftf on and it sells out. sold out. >> reporter: the duchess donned more than 16 outfits in seven
8:23 am
days including a cozy red sweatshirt and even a cowboy hat. >> she can take anything and make it look clean and simple. she's the audrey hepburn of 2011. >> reporter: l le hepburn kate's look w w in full swing as more than ten dress changed filled her schedule. kate's style revealed her love for navy blue and comfy skinny jeans like the pair she wore for a boat race against william. she may have lost the race but her royal repeats won her praise worldwide. this white d dss was in her engagement photo, the wedges from a polo match years ago and the blazer dusted off from the plane ride her. >> that she's not afraid to wear things more than once is unbelievable. >> reporter: they head to hollywood where american fashion fans eagerly await kate's arrival. for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york.
8:24 am
>> and joining us now to show us how we can get her looks for less is kate dimmick. good to have you here. kate was stunning in that purple dress she wore in canada. she's worn eesa before. >> when kate wore it, sales just skyrocketed. >> i tried to get onenline and it sold out. >> i think they'll reissue it like they did with the white dress. she has just fascinated people with her style sense. >> let's see how we can get that purple dress for less. come on
8:25 am
>> good morning. i'm josh eliot here at abc news headquarters here in new york. we're interrupting your regular programming to bring you breaking news out of cape canaveral, florida. it is the end of a titanic era. the final space shuttle mission as space shuttle atlantis, rift-off expected moments from now. two days of torrential rain threatened to scrub this mission altogether. instead, all systems are go. there are the astronauts boarding earlier this morning. the last four americans are now strapped in, on thth launch pad as they ready to hurdle into space. with today's launch, it will be 135 space 234r5eu9s in 30 years carrying 335 people from 16 countries, among them, 49 women, and among those, sandra magnus, one of the four to fly today, these five shuttles have traveled 537 million miles, or
8:26 am
bidded the earth 21,000 times. truly, a towering achievement for american space exploration and the genesis of inspiration for generations the world over. some one million people have made the pilgrimage to cape canaveral today to bear witness to this truly historic moment, and that is where we find abc's matt gutman amongst them all. good morning to you, matt. >> and good morning, josh. the spectacle is incredible. there are nearly a million people out there, cheek to jaw on the roads and beaches and parks. it is quite a sight to see there, lined up and caravans have been camping out overnight. we just hear that there was some sort of failure. we will get more as we come. the shuttle has been on the launch pad for a couple of hours. the astronauts have been locked in the flight deck for almost three hours. everything was set to go and we finally got a break in this weather after days of torrential rain and a near lightning
8:27 am
strike. now we're still trying to figure out what exactly that failure was on this shuttle mission. but we are very close to launch of sts-135, the 135th shuttle launch and the final one for nasa after 30 years of tragedies and, of course, triumphs. >> matt, we should let you know that they did hold the count as they make sure indeed all systems are go. it is such a tenuous time and certainly so important a mission. as we do wait for that final go, we should state really from its inception, the u.s.-based program, harkening, matt, that most american ideal, the notion of the frontier, of its exploration, and despite the loss of seven lives when challenger exploded january 28, 1986, and almost 17 years to the day when colombia disintegrated on its descend. again, these are the sorts of turbulent times and disasters they hope to avoid.
8:28 am
let's take a listen to mission control right now as they prepare for what will be the 135th and final launch of the space shuttle. >> all right, guys. >> three minutes and 15 seconds. >> on 212. we're ready to go. >> all right. very good. with that cleanup, we're going to go ahead. >> yes, sir. please do. >> all personnel, we are going to pick up the clocks here momentarily. >> copy that. resume on my mark. three, two, one, mark. >> t-minus. and off to atlantis' computers has occurred.
8:29 am
rocket booster nozzle steering check in work. >> 20. >> firing chain is a aed. >> 15. >> go from engine start. t-minus 10, nine, eight, seven, six -- >> all three engines up and burning. two, one, zero, and liftoff! the final liftoff of atlantis on the shoulders of the space shuttle, america will continue the dream. >> roger, atlantis. >> houston now controlling the flight of atlantis. space shuttle spreads its wings one final time for the start of a sentimental journey into history. 24 seconds into the flight, program complete. atlantis now heads down, wings level on the proper eliminate for its 8 1/2-minute ride to or bit, taking aim on the
8:30 am
international space station. 40 seconds into the flight, the three liquid fuel main engines throttling back to 72% of performance reducing stress on the shuttle as it goes transsonic for the final time. engines now revving up standing by f f the throttle upcall. >> atlantis, go at throt y y will. no action. dpdt. >> throt up. >> that call from -- >> no action required. atlantis now 15 miles in altitude, already 16 miles
8:31 am
downrange from the kennedy space center. one minute 40 seconds into the flight. atlantis flexing its muscles one final time. atlantis traveling almost 2,600 miles an hour, 21 miles in altitude, 24 miles downrange, standing by for solid booster separation. >> again, those were the words of nasa's public affairs information specialist george dillar, as he said, on the shoulders of the space shuttle, america will continue the dream. as it does trace its arc into the sky, matt gutman, we've heard so much that the difference is so very stark between watching what we've just watched on television and witnessing this liftoff live. what was it like to watch? >> well, you heard those cheers, josh. they went up and they were very,
8:32 am
very powerful. there was a surge of energy here just as it happened. following that surge of energy and that flash of light, about 20 seconds later, you feel that rumble, the explosions of 3 1/2 million pounds of liquid rocket fuel just going off and it vibrates in your whole body. it is what everybody came out here to see, those nearly million people watching. they got exactly what they came for. a proud moment for nasa. a great way to end 30 years of history and 135 missions here at the kennedy space center. >> it has certainly been one of the defining chapters of modern american history. as we celebrate a final look, then, at the wonder of human achievement, it seems fair to ask, matt, where will we go and how will we get there? >> well, it's going to take a while before we go anywhere again. nasa has essentially conceded space travel to private companies for the next f fe or six, probably 10 years.
8:33 am
among them one called bigelow airspace is planning inflatable space station. another one called speaks x which hopes to take cargo to the international space station in about a year or two. there are private companies that are going to space. but we're not looking at manned space travel any time in the future and that's what was so special about the shuttle, the st complex machine ever built, able to take up to eight people up into space, no problem, 50,000 pounds of cargo, and we probably will not see another machine like that in our lifetimes, josh. >> abc's matt gutman on the scene. again, we remember the dark day, january 28, 1986, when challenger was lost and the loss of seven lives. and president reaganan took to the airwaves preempting the state of union address and so quoted from the poem "high flight" by john gill espy mcgee jr. when he said they slipped the slippery bonds of earth to
8:34 am
touch the face. we saw that today as the space shuttle atlantis grew to a close a 30-plus year -- >> two, one, zero and liftoff! the final liftoff of atlantis. >> a look at what is possible as we take another look as the liftoff of atlantis. we now return you to your regular programming and we will have a full wrap tonight on not too much more than that. 's a balsamic steak sauce so balsamic vinegar right in there. >> wow. >> a little bit of red wine vinegar to make it a little more tart. brown sugar for some sweetness. garlic cloves. golden raisin, you can make this ahead of time. it holds for about a month in your fridge. >> you wouldn't want t t marinae
8:35 am
in this, too rich. >> too rich. celery salt. cloves, cumin, rosemary. >> hard to mess this up. >> simmer it, reduce it by half. >> anchovies make it special. don't tell your friends they're in there unless they have a seafood allergy. >> we'll have that for everybody online. then perfection. >> you can see the way the grains of the steak is going. the key to a hanger is cut it against the grain. we cult it this way. >> i'm happy to sample for you if you have the need. >> i'll give you a tb piece. >> so you got it. >> cut it against the grain, it has so much flavor. >> so great. jump in on that hanger steak. >> we're very quiet. >> the steak is unbelievable. >> download recipe, michael, this is honestly some of the best i've had. it melts in your mouth. >> it's delicious. >> to accompany.
8:36 am
>> a tomato -- >> i'm a good guy. that is tomatoes, olives, mints, i grew up eating with my mother. it keeps it bright and fresh. right on top. i'm not a big starch guy. i love vegetables, greek, mediterranean. a little bit of reduction sauce right around. >> you went for healthier but then -- >> i was going to give you those things, very light. i am a firm believer that bacon makes everything better. >> it's so true. >> and comba nanas foster with vanilla bean ice c cam -- >> not that you're going to get any. >> sam champion is all over desert. >> it is the most unexpected mix and crunch. >> makes you feel a little dirty. >> so deliciouou >> it does.
8:37 am
it is a great -- it's fun. everybody knows bananas foster, throw bacon on it. >> it doesn't sound good. >> everything is on our website, when we come back, the one and only miranda lambert. ♪ come back one last time
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
time now for a little country in our summer concert series. here's miranda lambert playing her hit single from "revolution," it's called "white liar." ♪ hey, white liar the truth comes out ♪ ♪ a little at a time and it spreads ♪ ♪ just like a fire slips off of your tongue ♪ ♪ like turpentine and i don't know why ♪ ♪ white liar ♪ you better be careful what you do ♪ ♪ i wouldn't wanna be in your shoes ♪ ♪ if they ever
8:41 am
found you out ♪ ♪ you better be careful what you say ♪ ♪ it never really ♪ i got friends ♪ in this town ♪ ♪ hey, white liar the truth comes s t ♪ ♪ a little at a time and it spreads ♪ ♪ just like a fire slips off of your tongue ♪ ♪ like turpentine and i don't know why ♪ ♪ white liar ♪ you said you went out to a bar ♪ ♪ and walked soso lady to her car ♪ ♪ but your face has more to tell ♪ ♪ 'cause my cousin saw you on the street ♪ ♪ with a redhead named bernice ♪ ♪ turns out you don't lie too well ♪
8:42 am
♪ hey, white liar the truth comes out ♪ ♪ a little at a time and it spreads ♪ ♪ just like a fire slips off of your tongue ♪ ♪ like turpentine and i don't know why ♪ ♪ white liar ♪ here's a bombshell just for you ♪ ♪ turns out i've been lying, too ♪ ♪ yeah i'm a white liar ♪ ♪ the truth comes out a little at a time ♪
8:43 am
♪ and it spreads just like a fire ♪ ♪ slips off of my tongue like turpentine ♪ ♪ and i don't know why white liar ♪ ♪ snow [ cheers ] can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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8:46 am
back now in central park with miranda lambert heating up the summer morning with your fantastic music. i wanted to note that this has been a fantastically huge year. you won your first grammy, four cma including female vocalist of the year. and there was this little wedding a couple months ago. >> i got married about, well, almost a month and a half ago. >> you're a newlywed. >> i am. >> this is an amazing ring. blake shelton is the lucky man. >> i was interested to read that you wore your mom's wedding dress? >> i did. >> why? >> my parents were married for 30 years, so i figured already a good luck charm, and it fit me perfectly. felt like the right thing to do. >> and a pair of cowboy boots.
8:47 am
>> sure did, have to be comfortable. >> i read recently that you said "marriage is great sh, blake and i got married and saw each other for a week and i haven't really seen him since." working out so far. y it's >> come on. do you have some plans to get back together soon? >> he's actually in the city too on another -- >> on another morning show. >> but we're all here. >> the party is here, everybody. >> yeah, we -- he's on "the voice," so he's been really busy doing that but we're making time. it's working out. >> people must ask you guys all the time if you're going to do a duet. >> we want to. hopefully on my next record we're going to. >> it's out when? >> i've been waiting so long to announce it, but my next record is called "four the record," f-o-u-r. out 11, 1/11. >> she has another one coming out with these lovely ladies who form a trio called pistol nies. >> yes. >> by the way, can we get a shot of these ladies' shoes? this is some rocking shoewear.
8:48 am
>> these are the pistol annies. actually the shoes are appropriate. we have a single out called "hell on heels." ours comes out august 23rd. >> tell me, why did you decide to do it with this trio? >> it's a lot of fun. we all write songs together and have separate selves but together we make up this chick group that sings about things that most girls s nt to say don't. >> i can't wait to hear it. in their heels it's "hell on heels" for pistol annies. ♪ i'm hell on heels say what you will ♪ ♪ and i done made the devil a deal he made me pretty ♪
8:49 am
♪ he made me smart and i'm m nna break me a million hearts ♪ ♪ i'm hell on heels baby i'm coming for you ♪ ♪ this diamond ring on my hand's the only good thing ♪ ♪ that came from that man got a gto from one named joe and a big piece of land down in mexico ♪ ♪ i'm h hl on heels baby i'm coming for you ♪ ♪ i got a pink guitar a lincoln town car from ol' what's his name ♪ ♪ i meet at a bar got a high-rise flat in hollywood ♪ ♪ from a married man wasn't up to no good ♪ ♪ i'm hell on heels baby i'm coming for you ♪ ♪ then there's jim
8:50 am
i almost forgot i ran him off but i took the yacht ♪ ♪ poor ol' billy bless his heart i'm still using his credit card ♪ ♪ i'm hell on heels sugar daddy i'm coming for you ♪ ♪ i'm hell on heels say what you will i done made the devil a deal ♪ ♪ he made me pretty he made me smart ♪ ♪ and i'm gonna break me a million hearts i'm hell on heels ♪ ♪ baby i'm coming for you
8:51 am
♪ i'm hell on heels say what you will ♪ ♪ i done made the devil a deal he madadme pretty he made me smart ♪ ♪ i'm gonna break me a million hearts i'm hell on heels ♪ ♪ sugar daddy i'm coming for you ♪ [ cheers ] -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
8:52 am
is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol.
8:53 am
stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ nicotine cravings make smoking one of the most powerful addictions. try only nicoderm cq has smartcontrol technology... for twenty-four hour craving protection to help you quit for good. try nicoderm cq today. [ slap! slap! slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
8:54 am
thanks, all of you for watching today. thanks for everyone coming out to central park. thank you, elizabeth, for a great week. thank you all for being here. especially miranda lambert. how about one more song? >> okay. >> "gunpowder & lead."
8:55 am
♪ county road 233 under my feet ♪ ♪ nothing on this white rock but a little ol' me ♪ ♪ i got two miles till he makes bail andd if i'm right we're headed straight for hell ♪ ♪ i'm going home gonna load my shotgun wait by the door and light a cigarette ♪ ♪ he wants a fight well now he's got one he ain't seen me crazy yet ♪ ♪ slapped my face and he shook me like a rag dolll don't that sound like a real man ♪ ♪ i'm gonna show him what a little girl's made of gunpowder & lead ♪ ♪ well it's half past ten,
8:56 am
another six pack in i can feel the rumble like the cold black wind ♪ ♪ he pulls in the drive gravel throughs ♪ ♪ well he don't know what's waiting here this time ♪ how do i takon tough back pain?
8:57 am
8:58 am
i use the power of nature.
8:59 am
[ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. federal officials are investigating the cause of a deadly plane crash in santa cruz county. plane had taken off from the watsonville airport and nose-dived into an empty building next to the watsonville community hospital. two people on board were killed. we're seeing more sunshine and let's talk to mike about the temperatures. >> a little above average. mid 90s in the east bay valleys. cooling trend begins tomorrow and below average next week. tough commuted southbound 680 and walnut creek, an accident at treat and north main. very slow traffic. bay bridge,

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